Sunday, October 18th was the perfect day to host the EVERYDAY #OURMENMATTER Event located at D'Jogo Center on S. Broad St. in Trenton, NJ. This exclusive event held about a total of 10 people in the crowd and 5 on the panel to discuss mental and physical health.

Photos By: Keith IG- @lilengineer_thatcould

During episode 1 we had a brief introduction and each man was asked how they were feeling and doing. Some were taken aback by the question, but all were very appreciative at the gesture. We also spoke about single father's and co-parenting teenage girls. Lastly, the topic of reprogramming was brought up and how necessary it is to deprogram first what you may have thought worked for you in your childhood to adulthood.

Episode 2 is real interesting. We touch on topics about family and generational curses to healing from known friends and immediate family members suffering Anxiety, Depression and even Schizophrenia which shook the hearts of many. In closing, we were given a quick lesson on the term Marxist and how one identifies himself in the world as a black man and embracing his differences. (will be available to watch TODAY at 3pm)

A few questions were asked amongst the audience that sparked up more conversation. The event turned out to be one that was much needed. Giving these men the opportunity to use their voices on real life events that take so much courage is commendable to say the least.

SPECIAL CONVERSATION WITH Rodney Bonnet, Isaac Johnson and Avery Glover

Rodney Bonnet https://www.instagram.com/rbnmcoach/

Avery Glover https://www.instagram.com/aglove_31/

Isaac Johnson https://www.instagram.com/nipshuffave_nattypro11/

We are currently planning the follow-up and a date will be disclosed.

You can follow each of these men at the following: (from right to left)

Tim McRae- https://www.instagram.com/wtf_foodtruck/

Jae Williams- https://www.instagram.com/djbigjae/

Dexter Price- https://www.instagram.com/cool__dex/

Shamir Racine- https://www.instagram.com/commie_daddy_fat_sacks/

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