The time is here. Election Day and you are probably wondering who to vote for, if you didn't know already. Well I know who I'm voting for. BUT, I want you to be able to make that decision for yourself. So let's go right into it.

Registered? Great, now what?!?

I know, “it doesn't matter, the powers that be will select who they want in office”. My answer to that is, “SO!”. There are over 300 million people in America and 299.5 million of us are just cogs in the machine called America. This is nothing new. It's not right but it's not new. To me that's like you showing up to school and them telling you, “Hey, you know you will be a failure in life, why are you here”? Would you stop going to school?

Just VOTE! If anything you have complaining rights or bragging rights dependent on if your candidate wins or loses. You can say you actually made the attempt.

Learn the Basics

Ok this one is easy. You should already know the basic structure of our political system. The president falls under the Executive branch. You can literally ask Alexa, Siri, or Google (God this generation has it so easy). You can also get when, where, and how to vote or run for an office all on the internet. Also political party information and facts about that party are all on the internet. Like I said, easy.

Get Basic Facts of the Candidates

Let's be real, you will never know all the information about anybody, including the candidates. Like, let's say, your candidate was arrested. But what they didn't tell you was they were arrested during a Civil Rights protest. That is why I say get the Basic Facts.

Who are they?

What's their platform?

What's their political party?

Do they have experience?

What's their religion?

Personal views?

You may think, “why do I need to know this info?”, Well, you should. Lets say a candidate is running and he or she is a vampire (lol, just hear me out). Now we shouldn't discriminate but it's going to be hard for him/her to do anything in the day. When he/she first turned was it an easy transition to animal blood or did he/she spend some night in cities with a lot missing persons.

I know it's a crazy scenario but you should know if your candidate is somewhat genuine.

Know the political climate

So this happens a lot, “See I voted. My candidate got elected and did nothing”. Realize what's really going on. This one takes further study. Obama was elected during a time of political turmoil. He had to lead under a divided house and a small portion of racist. When Clinton was in office the Senate was controlled by Republicans. Know a little of the background. Remember its 3 parts to our government. If even one of them is off all of them will be affected.

How do they help you?

In the end the person you are voting for should be helping you. Popular vote means which president is popular among the people.

Oh! And I don't mean like middle school, popular. I mean like, in real life popular. Who has views and goals that the people, as a whole can benefit from. Also be a realist no candidate is going to fill out your entire wish list.

So get out and vote. Remember we are a government of the people. We out number our government if we all really want to change it we can. But for now take advantage of having the ability to have a voice and an opinion on who you want to lead.

Need to know where to vote or drop off your ballots in New Jersey?

Please visit https://gettothepolls.org/

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