Presidential Debate: The Terms- Stand Down;Stand By

Currently, I am at a loss for words. It isn't like I expected it to be different from what has been seen last night, but I could count on the shit-show. I didn't watch it however, I caught a glimpse from certain media platforms to safely say it was the worst debate in all of the years I recall even watching it.

I woke up this morning with so many questions like many and received so many unanswered. America as we know it is truly in some deep you know what if we do not take this seriously and get out to VOTE! Do not just throw your hands up and say "nah, i'm good" which in New Jersey terms we know can mean 100 different things lol. DO SOMETHING.

But I'm here to really discuss the two statements that stuck out most to me which was Stand Down; Stand By. As we know it, the 2 phrases mean the following:

Stand Down-A temporary Cessation of offensive actions; cease-fire; truce.

Stand By- To wait in expectation of some event; to make ready.

I won't nose dive too far into the two terms because it is QUITE obvious what was asked of from President 45. It was like hearing "Hoody Who" playing from the speakers or "Knuck If You Buck" for lack of better words. The man was calling for folks to get ready for war in so many ways.

While this is all my opinion, I'm pretty sure there is some truth to this.

End of the day, VOTE!!!!

Video Source:CNN Live

Written By: Ebony Johnson

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